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1. What is the deadline for application?
March 1 for fellowships beginning in July of same year.

2. If selected, is the fellowship program allowed to retain any of the Heed award to support salary or research expenses?
No. This is a merit award to the Heed Fellow and cannot be reduced by the institution for any reason.

3. My fellowship is a 2-year program and I am currently in my first year. Am I eligible to apply?

4. I just finished my fellowship in July. Can I still apply for this award?
To be eligible you must be applying for your first year of fellowship or, in the case of a two year fellowship, anticipating the second year prior to the application deadline.

5. I applied for the Heed fellowship last year, but was not selected. Am I eligible to apply again since I will be in my second year of fellowship?

6. Are neuro-ophthalmology fellows who graduated from a neurology residency rather than an ophthalmology residency eligible to apply for the Heed fellowship?

7. What is the dollar value of the Heed Fellowship?
It is a merit award of $10,000 paid in monthly increments to the Fellow. It cannot be reduced by the institution for any reason.

8. Are taxes deducted?

9. If I receive a Heed Fellowship will I receive a W-2 form for the award?
No; please check with your accounting advisor for reporting assistance. A letter will be sent by our bank confirming the amount you received in the year.

10. What specifics is the board looking for in an applicant?
Special consideration is given to the candidate who is planning an academic career in a medical school.

11. I applied for a Heed fellowship previously and was not selected. Is there any advice you can provide as I put my application together for this year?
No. The committee’s decisions are confidential. Approximately 100 applications are received with funding of approximately 20 fellowships annually; competition is rigorous. You are encouraged to apply again; if no application, there is no chance to be selected.

12. Can letters of recommendation be e-mailed instead of mailed?
Yes, email is preferred. The letter must be printed on the author's letterhead, signed and emailed to the Heed Administrator by the author in PDF format.

13. Can I have letter writers begin sending letters of recommendation before my online application is submitted?

14. Do you welcome more than two letters of recommendation from physicians who have supervised the applicant?
No; please limit to the two requested letters.

15. For the letter from the institution where I matched, should I submit the acceptance letter from my department or a personal letter from my department head?
Either the letter of acceptance from the institution where you matched or a copy of your match letter is fine.

16. Should a CV also be sent with the application?

17. I will be starting my fellowship in Neuro-ophthalmology and wish to apply for the Heed Fellowship. On the applicant page it states that the applicant should submit a letter from the Ophthalmology Chair who supervised the applicant's residency. My residency is in Neurology; am I still eligible to apply?
Yes; in this circumstance the letter should be from the Neurology Chair.

18. I understand that I must be a citizen of the USA to apply - is this true?

19. I am not a USA citizen but my permanent residency was recently approved. Can I be considered as a candidate for the Heed fellowship?
Yes, as long as you are a US citizen or a naturalized citizen.

20. I am currently a USA Green card holder/permanent resident. I have already applied for my USA citizenship which I anticipate getting soon, but not before the application deadline. Am I eligible for the Heed Fellowship application?
No; individuals are eligible if they are a citizen or naturalized citizen at the time of application.

21. I am in a United States-based fellowship but some of my fellowship research will be conducted in another country. Am I eligible to apply for a Heed Fellowship?

22. Will I be able to revise the application if it has not yet been submitted?

23. If I complete and submit the application, can I revise it if an error is found?
Yes. You will notify the Administrator who can 'unlock' the application so that a new application can be completed and submitted. We suggest that you print a copy of the application prior to submitting it.

24. Under the "Publications" section, should papers still in the submission process be listed, with an annotation that they have not yet been accepted? Also, one of the options in the drop-down menu of this section is "abstracts." Do oral presentations at national meetings fall under this category?
Only report published articles. It is okay to include abstracts for presentations at national meetings.

25. Under the section "Personal Statement of Ophthalmic Interest," how much detail is sought regarding the proposed research project?
Provide an overview of the research; do not include references or the study protocol.

26. Are there any Heed activities that fellows can attend once they become alumni?
Yes. Former Heed Fellows become members of the Society of Heed Fellows, our alumni organization. The Society funds fellowships and hosts the annual Heed Luncheon where a former Heed Fellow is honored with the prestigious Heed-Gutman Award.

27. Will I receive a certificate when I complete the one-year Heed Fellowship?
Yes, upon completion, a certificate will be mailed to you.

28. If I relocate, should I send Heed my change of address, new phone number and e-mail address?
Yes. We maintain an up-to-date database to communicate with Heed Fellow alumni.