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    Residents Retreat, October 28-29, 2019, Chicago, IL


    The Heed Ophthalmic Foundation (HOF), in conjunction with the Society of Heed Fellows, the American Ophthalmological Society (AOS) and Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB), will co-sponsor the 14th annual Heed Foundation Residents Retreat on October 28 and 29, 2019 at Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont Illinois, a 10 minute shuttle ride from O’Hare airport.

    Forty to 45 residents, nominated by their department chairs and residency program directors, and 30 faculty, including recent K-awardees, mid-career and senior faculty, will gather for two half-days to discuss careers in academic ophthalmology. During the informal sessions, residents will mingle with academic ophthalmologists just a few years their senior to learn about how young faculty members made the transition from trainee to academician. Among the many topics to be discussed are how faculty combine patient care with positions/involvement in clinical research, lab research, residency program leadership, medical student educator, fellowship program director, NEI/NIH faculty, VA faculty, and/or public health/international ophthalmology to achieve highly rewarding academic careers.

    Department chairs and residency program directors are encouraged to nominate one or two residents from their programs who have the talent and desire to pursue a career in academic ophthalmology. The application consists of three parts: 1) a letter of recommendation from the department chair, 2) the resident’s biosketch (in NIH or narrative format, not to exceed two pages), and 3) a personal statement from the resident describing his/her career goals. PLEASE INCLUDE EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR BOTH THE NOMINATOR AND THE RESIDENT.

    Six (6) individually collated hard copies of the application should be submitted to Stuart L. Fine at the address listed below. Please use paper clips, not staples, when collating the pages of each application copy. Also, please DO NOT require a signature at the time of delivery.

    Stuart L. Fine, MD
    7 Graylyn Place Court
    Winston-Salem, NC 27106

    Nominations are reviewed and nominees are selected by the Heed Foundation Directors. Each year, the Heed Directors regret that many worthy nominees cannot be invited because of budgetary constraints. The 2019 HOF budget will allow about 30 to 35 residents from 30 to 35 different residency programs to be supported. For the 2019 Retreat, the Directors agreed to allow a second resident from up to ten programs to attend if their chairs agree to fund all travel-related, hotel, and meal expenses and if their evaluation scores are at a fundable level. For those programs nominating two residents, please indicate in the chair’s recommendation letter, your willingness to fund a second resident. Nominees and their chairs will be notified in June 2019. Nominations may be submitted at any time from now through April 15, 2019.

    The Heed Foundation, , is grateful to the AUPO chairs and residency program directors for their continuing support of the Heed Foundation Residents Retreat.

    Questions should be submitted to with a copy to

    Heed Luncheon


    The Heed Luncheon is held each year during the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting. All former Heed Fellows are invited to attend.

    The 2019 Heed Luncheon will be held in San Francisco on Saturday, October 12. The reception begins at 11:30 am followed by the luncheon at 12:00 noon.

    The program will include updates on the Heed Foundation and the Society of Heed Fellows activities, and the presentation of the 2019 Heed-Gutman Award.

    2018 Heed-Gutman Award Winner

    The 2018 Heed-Gutman Award was presented on October 27 to Dr. Carol Shields, Director of the Oncology Service at Wills Eye Hospital, and Professor of Ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Dr. Shields completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame (1979), medical school at the University of Pittsburgh (1983), ophthalmology training at Wills Eye Hospital (1987), and fellowship training in ocular oncology, oculoplastic surgery, and ophthalmic pathology.

    Dr. Shields has authored or coauthored 11 textbooks, 317 chapters in edited textbooks, nearly 1700 articles in major peer-reviewed journals, and delivered over 800 lectureships. She is a member of numerous ocular oncology, pathology, and retina societies. She serves on the editorial or advisory board of 31 journals, including JAMA Ophthalmology. She has practiced full-time Ocular Oncology at Wills Eye Hospital for 30 years with her husband, Dr. Jerry Shields and oncology staff. Each year this team manages approximately 500 patients with uveal melanoma, 120 with retinoblastoma, and hundreds of other intraocular, orbital, and conjunctival tumors from the United States and abroad.

    Other prestigious awards Dr. Shields has been honored with include:
    • The Byron Kanaley Award (1979), for top student athlete at the University of Notre Dame, the highest honor for a student athlete. Dr. Shields is the first woman to receive this award.
    • The Donders Award (2003), given by Netherlands Ophthalmological Society every 5 years to an ophthalmologist worldwide for major contributions. She was the first woman to receive this award.
    • The American Academy of Ophthalmology Life Achievement Honor Award (2011) for contributions to ophthalmology.
    • Academic All-American Hall of Fame (2011) for lifetime success in athleticism and career.
    • President of International Society of Ocular Oncology (2013-2015), the largest international society of doctors/scientists interested in ocular tumors.
    • Ophthalmology Power List 2014, 2016, and 2018, nominated by peers as top 100 leader in the field.
    • A wonderful family.

    She and her husband Jerry are the proud parents of seven children, ranging in age from 18 to 30 years and preparing for careers in medicine and law.

    Paul P Lee, MD, JD, Elected Trustee of Society of Heed Fellows Board

    The Board of Trustees of the Society of Heed Fellows has elected Paul P. Lee, MD, JD as a trustee. Dr. Lee will begin his term of office on January 1, 2018 and will replace Dr. Paul Sternberg, who concludes his tenure as trustee and Chairman of the Board.

    Dr. Paul Lee serves as F. Bruce Fralick Professor and Chair in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Michigan Medical School and Director of the W.K. Kellogg Eye Center.

    Dr. Lee has published over 250 papers on glaucoma and eye care delivery in general, particularly on understanding and improving eye and health care. He has been principal investigator on research projects to evaluate the appropriateness of cataract surgery, the quality of glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy care, utilization patterns of eye care, provider workforce analyses for ophthalmology and orthopedics, and analyses of failure patterns for the treatment of diabetes related eye disease and glaucoma. He has also led the ophthalmic portions of other projects investigating conformance with AHCPR guidelines for cataract, utilization and quality of eye care patterns in managed care, and a comparison of fee-for-service to managed care among Medicare patients.

    Dr. Lee has served in several leadership capacities, including as the immediate past chair of the ARVO Foundation, an at-large member of the Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), chair of the American Glaucoma Society’s Quality of Care Subcommittee, and original co-chair of the AMA-AAO Consortium Task Force for Eye Care Quality Indicators (PQRI). He has also been a consultant for the CDC and the WHO, as well as RAND. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Hoskins Center on Patient Safety and Quality for the Foundation of the AAO and has served on the IRIS Registry Development Group, the first national outpatient care registry of any specialty being implemented in the United States. In addition, Dr. Lee serves as the vice-chair and chair-elect of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Ophthalmology, on the Board of Trustees of the Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology and the American Glaucoma Society, and as a past board member of Prevent Blindness America, the Blind Children’s Center, and the Center for the Partially Sighted.

    He has received the Lew Wasserman Merit Award from Research to Prevent Blindness, the Alcon Institute Research Award, the Senior Achievement Award from the AAO, the Gold Fellow from ARVO, and has been inducted into Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis. He has also delivered the American Glaucoma Society Lecture, the Parker-Heath Lecture of the AMA section of ophthalmology, and the Shaffer Lecture at the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

    Dr. Lee received his law degree from Columbia University in 1986 and his medical degree from the University of Michigan that same year.